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In this article I address how meditation can help us stay in the moment and not get caught by ideas about the future. 

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In this article I address the importance of allowing and experiencing our feelings instead of suppressing them. 

November 2020

Make Mindfulness a Habit

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In this article I address the challenge of establishing a meditation practice that lasts. I summarize some of the elements that have helped me and many practitioners in establishing a continuous practice. 

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In this article I write about why meditation practice can be of great help in times of crisis and about some simple practices to apply. 

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In this article I write about how our ego's defensive tendencies get in the way of leadership and why meditation is a critical tool for overcoming those. 


May 2022

Mindfulness in Law Firms

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In this interview I talk with Richard Hsu about the importance of mindfulness in law firms and for busy people to deal with stress and information overload.   


In this interview I talk about key qualities some leaders have learned from the pandemic, including creating a safe space to experience and talk about feelings as well as being able to be with uncertainty.  

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In this podcast interview I talk about how mindfulness practice can positively impact parenting by influencing how present we are and how we can more easily let go of being triggered. 

Guided Meditations
Guided Medtations
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This is an 8minute guided meditation I often use in workshops I teach; a simple and basic practice in grounding ourselves and practicing present moment awareness. 

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